Taking Shots

“The medullary thyroid cancer isn’t going to kill you.  Your adrenal insufficiency, on the other hand…” These were my surgeon’s words at my first post-op appointment in May of 2015. At first, the endocrinologists made it sound as though living without adrenal glands wasn’t a big deal.  “You just take some hormone replacement pills every… Continue reading Taking Shots

I Heart Houston

Here’s the short version: the amazing and very knowledgeable doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Endocrine Center don’t recommend surgery right now. They said to go home, live my life, and “learn to dance with my disease instead of battling it.” My surgeon said that this disease, and the cancer that comes with it, is… Continue reading I Heart Houston

The Talk

Most parents worry about having “the Talk” with their children.  “The Talk” I worry about is different.  Sure, I will have to explain the birds and the bees to my son someday (or better yet, his father will!), but it will include a very stern warning about using appropriate birth control.  If Owen and a… Continue reading The Talk

The Good Cancer

Ah, thyroid cancer.  That beautiful thing that people assume is curable and “no big deal.”  The truth is there is no good type of cancer.  Anyone who says there is hasn’t had it or watched a loved one go through it.  Actually, people who say that are just relieved because when you say thyroid cancer… Continue reading The Good Cancer