Tip #5 for AI Patients: Learn…Carefully

Be Prepared, Not Scared

Learn…Carefully.  Obviously, your physician should be your first contact if you have questions about your specific condition.  But if your physician has limited practical experience treating patients with adrenal insufficiency, it’s okay to get a second opinion or switch doctors.  Most endocrinologists treat very few adrenal insufficient patients over the course of their career, so don’t expect them all to be experts.  You also don’t necessarily need a doctor who is an expert—a doctor who is willing to listen to your issues and perhaps even do a little research of their own can do great things for patients. 

Educate yourself as well but vet your sources carefully!  Adrenal fatigue is NOT adrenal insufficiency.  Trust reputable sources like large hospitals, medical journals, and published medical studies.  I learned a great deal from Facebook patient support groups, but also remember that other patients’ experiences may not match exactly with yours.  Some reliable patient support organizations for adrenal insufficiency are the National Adrenal Disease Foundation (NADF), Adrenal Insufficiency United, and the U.K.’s Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group.  Each one has patient educational information that can be very helpful!

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